We have two options for sunless tanning

Choose from:


1. Pura Sunless booth

    • Private experience
    • Quick; it takes less than 5 minutes to get a full body spray

2. Custom Sunless Airbrush Tan

    • Personalized spray by one of our spray tan technicians


Whether you choose the Pura Booth
or the Personalized Airbrush, your tan is:

  • Totally Customizable; you can spray the whole body or just a part.
  • Convenient; book your sessions online, over the phone or by text
  • Safe; the sun is harmful to your skin, sunless tans are not
  • Affordable; check out our memberships and packages for great value for your tanning dollars


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Looks Better Than A Real Tan

How can a fake tan look better than a real tan? It’s actually pretty easy. The sun concentrates on different parts of you skin based on what you are wearing, the time of and intensity of the sun, your skin pigment and a bunch of other factors. When we spray out silky solution on your skin, we do it evenly and we coat your whole body perfectly. You come out looking perfectly Golden Brown!

Lasts Longer Than A Real Tan

Real tans last a couple day and then they start to fade. You have to get back out into the sun and get more color. With proper maintenance, our tan will look for up to 14 days. All you need to do is follow our simple instructions, which you can download here but basically you moisturize on a regular basis to keep your skin healthy and the tan looking awesome. We sell a tan extender that will help you extend the life of your tan even longer!

No Harmful Side Effects

We have all know someone who either has skin cancer or their family has been affected by it and we know that the #1 cause of skin cancer in the US is sun exposure, but yet we lay out and gather as many UV rays as possible each summer. UV beds are no different. They are even more intense thatn the sun. Take care of your skin. It is the only skin you get and you can keep it looking young for many years by avoiding sun exposure.Out airbrush tanning has zero side effects. You look gorgeously tan without the guilt!

Doesn’t Streak, Run Or Turn Your Orange..

We have all heard the horror stories of people who has gotten a sunless tan and have come out looking orange or another strange color. The reason for this is simple. The solution that the spray-tan tech used has too much DHA in it OR they are putting too much solution on the person. We use BeauBronz Tanning Solutions. We have searched all over for a line that produces the perfect tan color no matter what your skin type. They also have a maintenance product line to help extend your tan. Read More below.


Tan Pricing

Pura $30/session

Airbrush $35/session

Pura Membership $49/month for UNLIMITED TANNING