At-Home Lashes
No glue. No magnets. Just MAGIC!

We are partnering with Lash Attraction to bring you a new option for quarantine lashes. These lashes don't use glue or magnets, but a special pen that makes them adhere. 

If you buy from our website, during our closure we will be taking 20% of the sales price and sharing among the team! We appreciate your support!

Here is some more info:

They are $59/set and includes shipping! Buy here:

On the left side of the page click on the collection called: "Magic Lashes"   (see picture here)

Order Hair Care from us.
10% off and FREE SHIPPING!

You can order Kevin Murphy, 18.21, Leaf + Flower, Brazilian Bond Builder and Moroccan oil via our website!

You will receive:
  • 10% of and shipping paid by the salon! 
  • 10% of sales will go in a fund to be split up by the staff to help them while they are out of work.

To shop you can visit this site
USE CODE: COVID19 as a promo code to get 10% off and free shipping.

PRODUCT SELECTION: If you have questions on what you should be using you can reach out to your stylist or reply to this email and we can look up what you used in the past. Kevin Murphy also has this tool you can use to find what you need to order


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