What to expect: 

  • 6 Feet: All stations are 6 feet apart already. In the waiting room, please stay 6 feet from others or please wait in your car until your appointment time. 
  • Items to bring: You can bring your purse with your cell phone inside it. Please do not bring anything else with you to the appointment. 
  • Washing: We will ask that you wash your hands and/or sanitize them before your service and after you make payment.
  • Yes Blow Drys: We have been following this subject and have decided that starting June 9th we will be blow drying in the salon. You can read more on this subject here. 
  • No additional guests: Please come to your appointment alone. Do not bring family, children, or friends. We love them all but we need to limit who is in the space. 
  • Waiting Area: You are welcome to wait inside the salon and shop, but please keep 6 feet from other guests while doing so.
  • Health Screening: All clients will have to have their temperature checked with a contactless thermometer before your appointment. 
  • Health Questionnaire and Waiver: All clients will need to fill one our before EACH appointment. To minimize contact, we are asking you do this online at this link: Waiver/Questionnaire
  • Masks: All clients and providers will be required to wear a mask while in the salon. 
  • No conversations or phone calls during lash appointments: To limit the spread we are asking to limit conversation during lash appointments to just the consultation and have no conversation with your provider or phone calls once the service starts. Providers will also follow this. You are welcome to bring ear buds to listen to podcasts or music. We will also be providing relaxing music in the room. 
  • Contactless Payments: Not required but just an option for you if you would like to use it. Our system has a way to store your card on file and you can verbally tell us a gratuity to add to your ticket. Visit our instructional page to see how to store your card if you would like to use this service. 
  • Drink Station: We will continue to have complimentary beverages. Please don't self-serve these, please ask our staff if you would like a coffee or tea. They would be more than happy to get this for you and will allow us to keep the area properly sanitized. 

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