Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane

Master Stylist & Colorist


My Goal For Our Time Together: Great Hair & Great Fun



My clients come to me because we have FUN (and I’m good at hair 😉 )

We giggle like school girls and laugh too loud and gossip about the magazines. Of course, they love their hair, too! I really, really love working on women’s hair in any capacity, be it short, long, blonde or brown.


My approach to doing hair and making people look beautiful:


#1I genuinely love what I do and it shows in my work. My clientele has grown exponentially since I started doing hair in 2008 because my clients love to sit in my chair, have a good time while being consulted with on their beautiful haircut.

#2 I continually educate myself and learn new things that will be beneficial to my clients. Not only do I attend classes, but I read magazines and stay current on the popular trends.

#3 I listen. I also repeat back what you have asked for to make sure we are on the same page. Then I listen some more…and ask lots of questions. This is the cornerstone of how a great stylist builds her business. If you don’t know what your client wants, then how can you give it to them?!

#4 I take the time to teach my clients how to get the look we achieve at home. I will give you tips that make it easier to recreate the style at home so you will love it all the time.

#5 I keep a hefty stash of chocolate. 😉



How We Can Best Work Together To Achieve Results:

1. Bring in photos of what you want and we will spend as much time as needed consulting so that you will leave with the look you want and looking your best.

2. Pre-book your appointments. My schedule fills up very quickly so to ensure that you get the appointment that best suits your schedule may I suggest that you pre-book your next appointment before you leave the salon.

3. Please, please, please use color protecting shampoo and conditioner! Your color will last 20% longer and your hair will be 100% heathier. We sell multiple lines of color protecting shampoos in the salon and I will show you which ones to use on your hair.

4. Let’s communicate. I am a trained professional and I only want the best for you and your hair. I will suggest certain styles and proceedures, please ask me questions if you don’t understand what I am suggesting. I will be happy to explain it.

5. Be sure to take advantage of my FREE bang trims. As a service to all of my clients, I offer a free bang trim in between services. Please don’t try to trim your own bangs, once the hair is cut, I can’t do much to fix it. 🙂

About Me:

Birthday: June 3rd (Gemini)

Austin Native

Dog Named Lily

I love to read

I have the biggest extended family ever. We used to wear name tags at Thanksgiving! This provides a lot of entertaining stories 🙂